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Founded in 2014, the CES Foundation and its funding partners provide financial support to the 300+ children the CES serves each year.  Serving as a separate and self- supporting non-profit 501(c)3, the CES Foundation serves as a fundraising arm for the Fort Smith Children’s Emergency Shelter.

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Christmas at CES

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Donate to the CES Christmas

  • Thank you for supporting the CES this Christmas! For many children, Christmas at the CES is their first time to receive gifts and embrace the magic that surrounds such a joyous holiday. We strive to make Christmas a magical memory for our children, and your support gives them the opportunity to enjoy the season of giving and celebrate by just being kids! Every child at the CES will have the opportunity to make a Christmas Wishlist. CES Staff and volunteers will shop for the children and help fulfill all their Christmas wishes. While we appreciate all levels of support, the CES encourages monetary donations for Christmas. Your dollar will go further if we are able to spend it (because of tax exemptions and discounts), and the child will receive the specific gifts they requested from their wishlist, as well as additional gifts that address their needs. Thank you for your support! Please contact us for further information on how you can support the CES this Christmas.
  • In addition, the CES anticipates the following gift needs: gaming systems (xBox, Playstation, etc), tablets and cases, iPods and cases, name brand athletic shoes (teenage sizes), hoodies and jackets (teenage sizes), make-up kits (for teenage girls), pajamas (teenage sizes), gift wrap materials, hair straighteners, gifts cards (Walmart, Hot Topic, Ulta, Target, Old Navy, iTunes, Bath & Body Works, Game Stop). *Examples of gifts. Gifts will be given to the children based off their ages and their wishlists.
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