• 3015 South 14th Street,
  • Fort Smith, AR 72901
  • 479.783.0018

CES Foundation

Create Your Own Legacy…Invest in the Life of a Child in Crisis

Founded in 2014, the CES Foundation and its funding partners provide financial support to the 250+ children the CES serves each year.  Serving as a separate and self- supporting non-profit 501(c)3, the CES Foundation serves as a fundraising arm for the Fort Smith Children’s Emergency Shelter.

CES Foundation Board of Directors:

Sam Terry- President
Kerri Taake- Vice President
Megan Goins- Secretary
Heather Ketter- Treasurer
Brian Delung
Allyn Donaubauer
Josh Kilgore
Tammy Jo Nolan
Noel Sanger
Sam T. Sicard

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For more information, contact Ashley Ahlert at (479)242-5771 or email info@fsces.org