• 3015 South 14th Street,
  • Fort Smith, AR 72901
  • 479.783.0018

Who CES Serves

The Fort Smith Children’s Emergency Shelter serves area children who haven been removed from their home by the Department of Human Services due to neglect and abuse.

The CES Serves:
(to learn about GET REAL 24, which serves foster youth turning 18 and older, click here)


Referrals to Children’s Emergency Shelter come from:

• Department of Human Services
• Comprehensive Juvenile Services
• Juvenile court
• Law enforcement agencies
• Private therapists and/or counselors
• Inter-agency agreements
• Hospitals

The Children’s Emergency Shelter does not discriminate against race, religion or sex.

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If you suspect child abuse or neglect, REPORT IT! Call: (800)482-5964